Thanksgiving = Shopping?

Today, Thanksgiving Day, is a good day whether or not you celebrate the holiday. It’s a day for family and relaxation, a day off for many, and a day to prepare for some serious shopping therapy.

We live in an interesting time, where the economic landscape calls for some desperate bids to have the lowest prices. When some retailers are hellbent on capitalizing on the need of people to save as much money as possible. Other retailers pride themselves on staying closed Thanksgiving Day and go to great lengths to advertise this fact.

The most fascinating part of this holiday season in terms of retail is the advertising. It’s like months of Superbowl time because brands start their messaging  before Halloween and continue past New Year’s Day for the highest potential revenue. There are elaborate campaigns and one-offs, changes in offers and promotions, and extensive efforts on the digital space the closer it gets to the Big Day.

No channel is left unexplored and much like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, I like to watch the show.


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