one day at a time

Today, I spent some time thinking about illness and the strength it takes to make it through.

Facing challenges and overcoming difficulties is a part of life that we and the people we care about deal with in many facets. I’ve noticed, perhaps because of recent events in my own life, that there are more and more stories that shed light and celebrate this immense strength. Films and TV serials highlighting such extraordinary people are raising awareness and instilling respect in our society. Books made into films like The Fault in Our Stars and biopics like the Theory of Everything connect the viewers on a more personal, emotional level. Social movements like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Walks for Hunger, and Relay for Life at once entertain, raise funds, and set trends for the future.

Today, my introspection has led me to appreciate the life that I have been given, the luxury of good health, and the blessing of an expansive support system.

What are you grateful for today? What story has reached you?


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