I hate driving!

It’s true.

Here’s the problem: I am entirely too unobservant. Being an unobservant driver is likely to be a fatal flaw.

You see, I’m a short girl with a Toyota Camry so I’m low to the ground and can’t even see the whole front end of the car. I have ZERO spacial awareness (let’s not even talk about parallel parking) so it’s a nightmare to drive anywhere with close spaces. My main demons are small/inner city streets and merging onto highways. I feel like I have greater blind spots than most. Acknowledging this weakness makes me more than paranoid and it causes me to panic which causes me to miss more details. It’s a horrendous, terrifying cycle.

Luckily, I can deal with highway driving. I appreciate having more space to maneuver since lanes are wide and there’s fewer threats of being blindsided. I mean, off the highway, there’s just so much more that could go wrong! Pedestrians, bike riders, taxi drivers, mini-vans, sports cars, et cetera (so basically, everyone else on the road).

Honestly, I think I’m the reason for the stereotypical female driver but since there’s no way to live where I do without a vehicle (and┬ápublic transport is no picnic either), I just need to keep at it and hope I don’t cause too much damage.

Plus, I’ve never had an accident so at least there’s that!