BBC News – Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar school massacre.

The world is mourning the loss of innocent lives. Every headline, story, post or mention of the children, teachers and families brings tears to my eyes. Tears for the suffering of the mothers and fathers, the siblings and friends, that expected bright faces at the dinner table after a day at school. I saw tears in my mother’s eyes who held me and said a prayer of thanks to God for protecting me from such a terrible fate.

How privileged I am to have never felt unsafe in school or college. Even when Boston was shutdown and the suspect caught not 10 minutes from my dorm room, on a street I regularly traveled, I felt safe. There were security measures in place! If something had even happened, I continued to believe in justice and what it means to live in America.

This tragic and painful event, a hate crime so heinous, turns me to my faith. I pray for the remedy of the wounded, the suffering of loved ones be eased, and that the doors of heaven be opened for the fallen.

Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return.